Company profile
       ZHEJIANG KANG BOND BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD and JIANGSU NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD, owned by ZOMAX GROUP, are cooperated for developing new building materials.
       KANG BOND is located in the beautiful coastal city-Wenling, where the traffic is well developed, near Ningbo and Shanghai port·······【Detail
Fireproof aluminum-plastic composite panel is a new decorative materials, and other decorative materials compared with many advantages... [Detail]
For professional digital UV plate printing aluminum plastic composite plate. Flat and smooth surface, printing more clearly, ink absorption... [Detail]
The A·R Board is a flocking metal composite panels which use alloy aluminum, hot-dip galvanized sheet , stainless steel ... [ Detail ]
Zinc titanium composite board is based on Ti alloy plate made of 3003H26 ( H24 ) aluminum plate as the back panel, high and low density... [Detail ]
Stainless steel composite plate with stainless steel panels, stainless steel or aluminum alloy for backplanes, high-pressure low-density... [ Detail ]
Surface unique characteristics, temperament 2290, can be directly used for copper color to decorate, decorate the. Copper aluminum... [ Detail]
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